We plan to offer some online options during lockdown 2. This may include demonstrations of sensual massage or sexual techniques, tailored workshops for individuals or couples, and sensual performance for individuals, couples or possibly groups. We can also offer sex or intimacy coaching. If you would be interested any of these options please email us on info@sensualconnection.co.uk or WhatsApp on 07724304744

Sexual health week

16th to 22nd September is Sexual Health Week, a great idea. This year it has a focus on relationships, sex and disability. It’s a good opportunity to remind you that we are fully supportive of clients with disabilities coming to see us, just call us to discuss and we will accommodate if we possibly can. Thanks.

Julie-Ann’s first day

We had a fully booked first day for Pixie and Julie-Ann. We expect the 10th to be the same!

It was a great first day, both worked hard on what was a very warm day, with Julie-Ann enjoying meeting a variety of our clients, some old, some new, and very different characters all of you !

Very positive feedback, “An amazing experience” was said more than once, and bookings for the 10th already so if you want an appointment then – best get in quick! Julie-Ann is looking forward to being back, and we like her being here too 🙂

How to wash yourself (guys) !

We are asking clients to shower when they get here for the most part, especially with the warm weather. Unfortunately, some (by no means all) gentlemen are having trouble reaching a couple of bits properly 🙂 … hence this post – as we notice the occasional whiffy willie and and pooey bum!

Please wash your bum crack – that means getting some soap on your hand and having a good rummage between your bum cheeks:)  Give your perineum (the bit between your balls and bum hole) a good scrub, as well as your balls. Give your dick a good soaping up and if you have a foreskin – underneath that as well. Thanks in advance!

Finally, thanks to the vast majority for being squeaky clean, trimmed and smelling nice.

Dave, Pixie and Julie-Ann