We’ve tried to answer all the common questions, but if there’s anything we’ve not covered here or elsewhere on the site, please get in touch. We’ve put some general questions first then some specific ones for women and men.


I / we’ve never done this before, I’m / we’re really nervous.

We are both therapists and are used to listening to people and putting them at their ease. We are very used to clients who’ve never had anything like our services before and we will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed and encourage you to tell us what you like or dislike during your appointment. If you want to ask us about any aspect of our services beforehand please get in touch.

I am not happy with my body / this bit of my body / I’ve had surgery

Don’t worry. We are not judgemental in the slightest. We put you at the centre and focus on you relaxing, and enjoying your session. Nothing else matters. Nonetheless, f you want to discuss anything you are worried about, you are more than welcome to talk to us.

Will I smell of massage oil after the treatment?

We use a base oil during the treatment, which we take off afterwards using wipes. It doesn’t have a strong smell but if you prefer to have a shower after the treatment this if fine as long as you let us know beforehand

Can I have a shower beforehand as I am coming straight from work?

Yes of course, we are more then happy for clients to shower here before their appointment.

I’m not sure about having a treatment from a stranger? I don’t know you? Is it safe?

We are both happy to chat on the phone before you decide what to do next, and you can ask us anything you like. For female clients we completely understand if you wish to speak to both of us before booking in with one of us. We feel that our approach is very professional and we are both understanding and appreciate you may be nervous and we would hope that having a chat would put your mind at rest. We don’t know you either so there is an element of mutual faith.

What if we bump into each other or I know people in your area?

We are very discreet, and everything you tell us or experience with us is kept completely confidential. We get regular visitors in any case but if you are concerned then you can always park a couple of streets away. If we recognise each other elsewhere, we can either ignore each other or say hi – it’s entirely up to you.

What if someone calls you asking if I’ve visited?

No matter who calls us, we do not discuss clients and will neither confirm or deny if someone has been to see us.

Can I kiss you, touch you, have sex with you, etc?

No. We offer the services we advertise here and nothing beyond those. We are happy with specific requests that are a variation on those services but we have boundaries and we would ask that you respect them. In terms of touching, you may be allowed some touch but this will be at the discretion of the therapist and there are limits which must be adhered to.

Can my partner watch?

Your partner is welcome to watch if you are having a massage.

There’s something I’d like to ask /talk about or I have a fantasy that I am embarrassed about

Please just talk to us. We will not be offended. We are happy to listen.

Do you get aroused?

When giving a massage we sometimes get aroused but don’t be offended if we don’t. We are concentrating on what we are doing. Clearly Pixie gets aroused when she is doing the sensual play experience and both of us are aroused when we are playing with each other.

Where do you live?

We live in a residential area in a quiet part of a village about 4 miles south of Colchester. Our house is detached and we have 2, soon to be 3 spaces where we can offer these services. The location is discreet, there is normally plenty of parking with no restrictions. You can often park right outside of the house.

Do your neighbours/friends/family know what you do?

They know we are massage therapists, so clients coming to the house is absolutely normal. Our friends and family know we love being naked too. We’re pretty sure the neighbours have seen us in the garden nude :). The rest is entirely between you and us.

For women

I’ve never had an orgasm before/ find it difficult to orgasm/ had little intimate touch

We do not put pressure on any client to orgasm nor should you put pressure on yourself. The more you can relax the more enjoyment you will get. If it happens then great but try to go with the flow. On the first visit clients can be very nervous so it is always best to focus on relaxing and it may be easier on the next appointment. The massage we give to clients does not purely focus on the genitals, we massage the whole body. There are many reasons why some women find it difficult to orgasm. Rest assured you are not alone. We strongly recommend you talk to us before your massage as it will help put you at ease but also give an opportunity to confidentially discuss some background, why you’d like to come to us and what you hope to get our of the appointment.

Do I have to be naked for the massage?

No. If you prefer to be covered up please let us know, and if you would like us to be dressed too that is also fine.

I am not sure if I want a man to massage me intimately?

You have a choice. You can talk to us both before you decide which one of us you want to massage you. We can make your appointment at a time when we are both around too. We both have a similar touch when massaging and will ask you during your treatment if you are enjoying it and if you want the focus to be specific to an area of your body. Again it’s really important to emphasize, we do not put pressure on clients to orgasm. Our touch can be gentle and teasing and sometimes a bit firmer to release tension from tight muscles.

For men

I ejaculate quickly / I will be embarrassed

The massages are much more than about having an orgasm. They are truly sensual so if you ejaculate at the beginning/middle or end or not at all, it doesn’t matter. The massage will continue and if you get aroused again perhaps you will be able to orgasm again.

I don’t get erect / I’ve had prostate or other surgery

Don’t worry – you will still enjoy all the massage elements and sensual touch, and not having an erection doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t ejaculate or orgasm. There are many reasons for problems in this area (erectile dysfunction) – medication, diabetes, surgery, even stress. You can still enjoy all the sensations from the session. Please let us know beforehand so that we are aware.