**Dave is available for massage, domination or workshop appointments. Pixie is now working again but only for her existing clients for massage with appointments on Tuesday and Thursday day-times and the occasional Saturday morning. Important change – she no longer allows any touching at all. Also, appointments can only be booked in advance. **

** We have now added a teaser “watching us” add-on to our  sensual massage, and a fee for prostate massage – please see below for details **

Here is an overview of our services. This list is not exhaustive and we can combine services or if you have something in particular in mind we may be able to accommodate. Just contact us and ask – we won’t be offended – though please read the FAQ first. We aim to put our clients at the centre of what we do. We are both fully qualified and experienced massage therapists so you are dealing with professionals.

We are an open minded male/female couple and happy with our sexuality around men and women though Pixie prefers to massage guys. We welcome clients of all ages, sizes, sexual orientation etc, and are LGBTQ+ friendly. We only ask that clients are as respectful and polite to us as we are to them.

We are clean and we expect the same from our clients. We will ask you to have a shower when you arrive and you are more than welcome to have one at the end too. The massage room has an en-suite toilet and shower so you don’t have to go far! When booking please give us different date/time options. Once booked we will ask you to confirm 24 hours beforehand then we’ll give you our address. We will not book you again if you don’t turn up.

Note that you are paying for our time only before during and after the appointment. You agree that during your appointment all activities are purely consensual between adults. Please let us know about any medical conditions before booking.

We are happy to answer any questions or queries beforehand. In all cases we welcome clients who have had these kind of experiences before as well as first timers. If you are nervous we will put you at your ease.

Please read before booking! Thanks.

Sensual/erotic/tantric massage

Generally client and therapist(s) are naked, though lingerie/outfits can be worn. Also – if you wish to be partially draped that isn’t a problem – whatever makes you comfortable. The massage is normally performed on a professional massage couch but if it is an add-on to one of our other services it is on a king size bed. You will be in a safe, warm environment, with music and soft light to help you forget the normal day to day and give yourself over to the experience.

There are many variations on sensual/erotic/tantric massage. What we tend to offer with a sensual massage is a blend of relaxing massage combined with intimate touch that clients say they love. What this means in practice is that our focus moves from your genitals to other parts of your body and back. Movements are mostly slow, but we vary the pace too if that’s what your arousal needs. Our intimate touch involves tantric techniques plus others of our own making that we have found work really well in terms of teasing, stimulating and bringing you closer and closer to orgasm, with eventual intense release. We may include some body-to-body massage – let us know if you don’t want this. A pure tantric yoni/lingam massage is normally performed on a massage mat and is very focused on the genital area. Note, due to the extra closeness during a tantric lingam massage (clients legs are normally over ours), Pixie needs to have seen you once already before this is bookable.

For both men and women, we encourage a gradual arousal by touching and teasing that can push you towards a much higher intensity release than normal. Do not feel pressure to have an orgasm – it doesn’t matter if you don’t – you can simply enjoy the massage and sensual touch over what is a longer period than most of us normally experience. We offer 60 or 90 minute sessions.

You can also be blindfolded and we can use toys including a prostate massager for the guys. We can do a little bit of bondage during the massage e.g. flogger/riding crop but for more please go to our “Be dominated” offering. Let us know if these are of interest when booking. You are welcome to bring your own toys for us to use on you, but let us know beforehand.

Prostate  massage , whether with a toy or gloved finger now incurs a £20 additional fee due to the extra prep involved.

We can also offer a smaller watching us teaser where we play with each other for the first 10 mins of the massage – see below

Regardless of who we are massaging, we look to your feedback to help us know what you are enjoying and this helps to give you a better massage.

For couples we offer two variations – side by side massage or one after the other so you can enjoy watching your partner receive or even join in, workshop-style.

Massage – options 60 mins 90 mins
Dave £80 £120
Pixie £80 £120
4-handed £120 £180
Couples 60 mins 90 mins
– Side by side £120 n/a
– One after the other 45 mins each
£120 total
60 mins each
Add-on “watching us” teaser £20 extra £20 extra
Add-on prostate massage £20 extra £20 extra

Be dominated

Both of us are dominant – we don’t do submissive (apart from with each other 🙂 ), but we are not extreme. There are a lot of different options and levels here. It’s best to discuss with us what you are looking for especially if you’ve not tried this before, but you can certainly be tied up, spanked, flogged, whipped etc. We also have a leash and collar, nipple, ball and labia clamps, strap-ons, vibrators, wax, ice and more and sometimes we have bought things especially for the session :). We are careful not to leave marks on your body unless you want them, but you may be a bit red in places for a couple of hours after the appointment.

We are also happy for you to be a receiver in water sports. We don’t do poo or cutting. Happy for you to dress up and happy for you to bring your own toys. Also happy to do orgasm spoiling for the guys, forced orgasms, humiliation play, and other scenes/roleplays.

We can offer sessions for the complete beginner up to the more adventurous/experienced submissive. If you are looking for something specific or a combination, please get in touch.

Domination – options 60 mins 90 mins
Dave £120 £160
Pixie and Dave £200 £260

We can also offer a service where we set you tasks in between sessions. Call to discuss your requirements and what this would cost.

Watching us

We are a very open and exhibitionist couple, and if you would like to  watch us play with each other and watch our love-making – we can offer this to existing clients. This is a very special experience where we share many though not all of our intimate moments. We don’t put things on, and it’s completely different from pornography – it’s us being us – and clients say how much of a turn on this is. You can see this as pure eroticism or to simply satisfy a voyeuristic kink, or perhaps it will give you some new ideas. We often include toys in this play time 🙂 and are happy to listen to your ideas of what you would like us to do before or during the session (though we reserve the right to say no).

A lot of clients like to add a half or 1 hr massage on to this session. Typically we ask people come for another service first, e.g. a 4 -handed massage before we offer this service.

Watching us – options Price
30 mins – watching only £100
60 mins – mixture of watching plus 4-handed massage £150
90 mins – mixture of watching plus 4-handed massage £200

Massage workshops

We can offer workshops to couples for traditional relaxation massage all the way through to sensual and tantric massage. We always start by talking about you as a couple, and our experiences and then work within your own comfort level and limits. For example you may just wish to discuss a sensual massage or you can watch us demonstrate on each other or on you. This is really open ended so best to have a chat with us and we can discuss times and prices with you. Prices start at £80 per hour with Dave, and £120 per hour for Dave and Pixie.

If you are looking for a massage workshop but by yourself – please call us to discuss requirements and what might be possible. Here’s a couple of tasters:(you may only get audio on chrome, if so please try another browser):

Credit: Music on video: www.bensound.com

Credit: Music from: www.bensound.com