We guess you’ve come to this page as you think your partner/husband/wife has come to see us, or maybe you’ve found one of our phone numbers on their phone, or this web site on their browser history. We are not trying to justify ourselves here but rather to be open with you.

We adhere to strict confidentiality so we will not discuss whether or not a client has been to see us.

That being said, if you think they have,  you may be hurt and angry with them. At this point you could let that out on them but we would urge you to take a moment and ask what the reasons for the visit may be and also really important ask yourself- are you happy. It’s rare that one person is in blissful ignorance whilst the other is deeply unhappy or unsatisfied.

The vast majority of people who see us, who tell us that they have a partner (we don’t ask, it’s up to the client), love their partners tremendously but feel something is missing. They have no wish to hurt or leave their better halves but this may be part of how they cope. Some people find it tremendously difficult to discuss these things, to express their desires or even to say what doesn’t satisfy them. This may be true for you too. It may be that things are not right because you’re not happy or feel unsatisfied. Perhaps intimacy has only ever meant one thing and its understandable if that leaves you cold.  We encourage intimacy in lots of other ways. The majority of people who see us are male so at this point, assuming your are female, you may have had difficulty with orgasms, your partner may not have given you the time and attention you need or realised that touch, a look, a smile, a hug, of course foreplay, and recognising your needs are equally important, if not more so. Men are – we would both agree – simpler creatures as far as intimacy goes, and can be guilty of thinking women are the same but it doesn’t have to be that way for either sex.

We often get the impression that clients open up to us, but probably haven’t said the same things to their partners. Communication is key. Intimacy is also key but shouldn’t just mean sex . If you can, talk to them, and talk about sex and what intimacy means to you or where you are unhappy. Maybe there is something that can be changed. Maybe talking to us or seeing us would help you too. We will help if we can. And if you wanted both of you to come and see us, together, that would be great. We do not offer sex or oral sex to any client.