We met on a massage course in 2011. We didn’t know it then but our paths would become much more entwined a few years later. Both of us had been in unhappy relationships where sensuality, desire and communication were big issues. In each other, we have found an openness to talk, to share and to explore that neither of us had had before.

Our sex lives took on a whole new level where the other person’s pleasure is key. We try new things, we laugh and we have realised that our sex life is much broader than sexual acts, it’s about things like gentle touch, holding each other, being saucy and cheeky, making each other laugh even during love making … all these things mean we have a really wonderful love life and feel that by using our skills as listeners, educators and therapists, as well as our experiences and openness we can really provide a lot of help and pleasure to others. Both of us are models and naturists so all of these things come together. We’ve written a bit about each of us below. Hope it resonates with many of you, or even just makes you smile!

About Pixie

Hi, I’m Pixie, a very normal open-minded, non judgemental, pretty well- rounded person, well normal most of the time 🙂 I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 33 (I even had to ask my partner what just happenned!!!) and my first orgasm through oral when I was 34. I really didn’t think I could have one. Once I did, I realised this was super important to me and my happiness. Dave says I have angry orgasms, laughing orgasms (now, those were a surprise to us both 🙂 !) and many other kinds in between!

I wish people would talk more openly about how they can improve their lives especially in terms of sex, intimacy and satisfaction; how they could focus on the worthwhile things and defying our culture which thinks you’re weird if you’re open about the way you act with your partner. I’ve been with Dave for 3 years -he is very touchy feely and at any given opportunity will touch me,  and kiss me both in public and in private. I like many others, grew up knowing absolutely zero about relationships. My mum and dad didn’t say “sleeping about a bit will do you good, meet lots of different people, don’t worry about being by yourself, wait until you find the right person sexually as well as all the other things you have in common”  I think this would have been sound advice. They just didn’t have a clue, I find it a bit strange as they were in their 20’s in the revolutionary 1960’s ….  I tried to fit in and be like everyone else, got married, got a house, got a dog, didn’t get the babies, not yet anyway. But this just didn’t sit well in my life. I went along with it for many years until I met my new partner. Now I feel I can be myself. Thanks Dave, my lover and best friend x

About Dave

Hi, I’m Dave, I like to think I am very tactile and uninhibited (Pixie says yes 🙂 ) . I’d like to think I have always been a considerate lover, where my partner’s pleasure were really important to me.

I was married but, whilst from the outside many people would see it as great – 2 kids, nice house, important job – for my ex the material things were pretty much all she needed so it ended up for me that there was a lack of desire, no feeling of being wanted, no thought to my needs and a lack of communication about anything important. My sex life had become really unsatisfying, and latterly non-existent apart from “quickies”. I can say honestly as a guy – ejaculation is not the be all and end all.  I was going to stay until the kids left school but my physical and mental health were suffering – I was depressed. Several events changed my life, including my father nearly dying and a realisation that we all have a right to be happy. Just at that time, I re-met Pixie and began to realise how much we had in common – the circle was complete.

I strongly believe that touch is incredibly important – a gently placed hand, a kiss, a hug; keeping things fresh; talking and laughing; trying something new that neither of you have done before; finding new ways of giving your partner pleasure; being close; teasing and being teased …. All these things are priceless. and I’m so glad I get to experience them virtually every day with Pixie – my perfect match! Thank you my darling!