We get all sorts of people from all walks of life and backgrounds.. To date our youngest client is 20 and our oldest 70+. Part of writing this is that we hope some of it will spark a chord with you, in case you are thinking – no-one else is in my situation.  We are completely non-judgemental and hear many different reasons for clients’ visits. Even if your particular situation isn’t mentioned below, please get in touch.

We get people who are in long term relationships, they adore and love their partner but the intimacy is no longer there. Sometimes they see us with their partner’s knowledge and sometimes not. Many people would judge this as completely black and white – they are being unfaithful, but for those people they know they have needs but they really still deeply care about their partner and want to be with them for all the other good reasons. It’s very much more complex in people’s heads.

We see clients who are curious about sensual massage; perhaps it’s on their bucket list, perhaps the curiosity extends to being touched by someone of the same gender for the first time. We see clients who are on their own for the first time in many years and clients who have become carers themselves and coming to us is respite where they get to feel looked after.

Some of our male clients struggle with erectile dysfunction, sometimes as a result of a prostectomy and some who are anxious about premature ejaculation.

Some of our female clients have not had great experiences with intimate touch or feel that they would like to explore a sensual experience that is just about them. Sometimes they would like their partners to watch. Some clients have had reconstructive surgery, or have negative feelings about their own body or parts of it, and find being e.g. naked with or touched by a “stranger” easier and gives them self-confidence. Some people have had poor experiences or poor relationships.

Some clients just can’t talk to their partners about their needs, desires and fantasies – we always listen during your appointment. With our experience as therapists we are good listeners and can ask questions too if you like. For many we are the only people they have told about their situation or, in fact, their fantasies.

Some clients have had upbringings that have left them feeling very repressed and judged and this is a way of perhaps rebelling against that or putting themselves in “another place” where they are neither.

For couples there can be a mixture of the above, or it can be seen as a mutual treat. With our workshops we help couples either to reconnect via touch, or teach couples something they have always wanted to learn be it normal massage or sensual massage. Sometimes it’s simply that one partner wishes to watch the other being touched by someone else, in a safe and welcoming environment.

No matter what reason you would like to see us, we are happy to chat before hand, and happy to help you relax when you are here.