We are both professional massage therapists (qualified in Swedish, Sports and Thai massage), we are not weirdos, honest!  Between us we have almost 20 years experience in massage and personal health and fitness. We are both articulate and intelligent. We both have degrees, Pixies in Dance and Dave’s in a somewhat less interesting topic :). Dave is fluent in German to make up for that!

We both have experience coming from previous relationships where communication and sexual dissatisfaction were the fundamental reasons for the breakdown of both of our marriages. See “Our Story“. We are completely different in our relationship. We are very open with each other and talk about and agree everything including our boundaries hence we work with clients together or alone. We have a great love life though we are only human so it sometimes doesn’t always work for us either.

Pixie is also trained in Pilates and Pelvic floor exercises. These are elements that can be added into a workshop for couples,  women with stronger pelvic floor muscles may find sex more enjoyable as the muscles become tighter & stronger. For men a stronger pelvic floor can help with bladder/bowel issues. These workshops come with booklets giving you homework in-between appointments, (Fun homework 🙂 normally 4 sessions (1 hour each) is required to fully understand which muscles need to engage and relax.

We are both English but have moved around the country and got to know clients from many different geographies. Hearing about people’s lives and what has brought them to us is a really interesting part of our job. We both care very much about our clients and are great listeners. We hope this comes across to you in the time you spend with us.  Everything you tell us is kept in the strictest confidence.

What are we like – in the each other’s words 🙂

Dave says : Pixie is a very sexual, uninhibited, confident, young woman. She is petite, and very fit and slim as she works out in the gym most days. She is 5ft 4″ and is 37 but doesn’t look her age :). She is shaved down below, and has small but perfectly formed boobs 🙂

Pixie says : Dave is a very laid back, confident, uninhibited, down-to-earth guy. He is medium build, with a pert bum which I like to squeeze and slap :). He has some body hair but is trimmed and shaved where it counts. He’s 5ft 8″ and 47 but says you are only as only old as you feel  He’s friendly and has a great touch.