We offer workshops for couples and individuals. Each workshop is different tailored for you.

Why massage?

The importance of communication cannot be underestimated but we often forget that there are more ways of communicating than talking. Touch is such an important way we can communicate with our partners, yet we often neglect its role or assume it is mainly part of sex. We can aim for intimacy and sensuality and closeness without putting either partner in the position of feeling, they “have” to follow with something else. Touch is a way of giving to our partner, very much a gift and an act of being unselfish that can bring us closer together, along with many benefits let alone making our partner feel good, wanted and cherished.

We are tactile creatures and “feel” through how we are touched and touch others.

We have almost 20 years of massage experience between us and know our own relationship is built on selflessness, giving pleasure without expectation, and of course, touch and more touch! We also know what it is like to be in a relationship where touch is always an instigator for other things or worse where there is little or no communication or touch.

For couples

Our massage workshop for couples is a special, private discreet session or sessions tailored for one couple on an individual basis.


The workshops are for:

  • Couples who want to learn how to give a relaxing massage to their partners
  • Couples who would like to understand more about communication through touch
  • Couples who would like to learn about intimate touch and sensual massage (this is not a must, but can be introduced if a couple wants and always at your pace)


  • Confidence about touch
  • New ways of touching and being relaxed with your partner
  • New intimacy
  • Help with body issues
  • Help with erectile issues, and female arousal

How it works

We initially talk with a couple about what they would like to get out of time with us, what they feel any difficulties might be, any boundaries they feel they’d like to put in place. We review this regularly as we get to know a couple. Part of this process is about you as a couple getting to know us, as we get to know you. This is really important for later sessions if a couple wants to start to explore intimacy or sensuality whether through discussion or practical exercises.

An initial workshop covers some basics, some do’s and don’ts but primarily starts as early as possible in introducing touching of our partner. For a first workshop we will start with some simple touch exercises and massage techniques that are relaxing, non-sensual and easy to practice at home. For the first workshop we also require participants to be comfortable, and have no need for anyone to remove any clothing.

Each session is tailored to a couple’s needs, requests and personal boundaries. So we discuss the first/next session beforehand.


Learn the art of giving


Make new connections

How to bring back the communication with your partner

Learn selflessness

Without/Remove expectation

Private 1:1 setting, with experience therapists with experience in

Talking and listening

Touch as talking and listening


Learn the pleasure of giving

Taking time for each other

Re-introduce sensuality

Explore intimacy in a private discreet setting

Free consultation over phone/skype

Couple to couple and 1:1 sessions, talking, asking, intimacy

Asking, giving, giving, receiving


Saying thank you


Tailor made


In your home

2 hours


Not being judged

Enjoy being touched

Return to primal instincts

Men, help erectile issues premature ejaculation, loss of libido, rebuild confidence

Women, being stimulated without being judged or expect to perform

Couples, reignite, learn new skills, giving without taking, no expectation