We’re very excited that Julie-Ann will be starting work with us one day a week (TBC) from mid-June which allows us to offer a couple more 4-handed massage options, either Pixie and Julie-Ann or Dave and Julie-Ann

In her own words:

“I am an adventurous, curvy, highly sensual 45 year old English bisexual blonde.

My 34E boobs are fun to play with and my nails are both aesthetically and physically pleasing. I’m really easy-going, love to be naked, am very tactile, and have been told I have a lovely touch. I’m shaved down below and have a cute piercing in a very intimate spot lol :). I can be quite submissive, but if I get to take the lead there’s no stopping me 🙂

I have been on both sides of the fence, meaning that in my early long-term relationships I was cheated on, which I think led me, in later ones, to start cheating before it happened to me. I believe that’s quite a common occurrence.

I am now one year out of an 11 year relationship rut and since then have found online dating to be the thing that helped open my eyes and made me realise there are a lot more ways and means to fulfil each others sexual needs. The downside of the online scene is that there are lot of fakes out there and a lot of people just want text sex (sign of the times I guess).

That’s fine for little bit but I believe we all have a need to be touched and made to feel special; and this has eventually lead me to meeting Dave and Pixie.

Also, along the way, I’ve learnt that perhaps I’m not supposed to be with just one person, or maybe I’m still not ready to settle down. This has allowed me to have some wonderful experiences and meet some amazing people (Pixie and Dave included) [Thanks Julie-Ann – Dave and Pixie 🙂 ] that have taught me many ways of giving and receiving pleasure that I enjoy sharing with others.

Until that special person comes along I intend to have some fun along the way. Together with either Dave or Pixie, I very much hope we can make you feel special too!”

Julie-Ann has the same boundaries as Pixie – please see the FAQ

You can see some photos of Julie-Ann in the gallery